Outdoor litter garbage cans

Experts in the manufacture and installation of outdoor urban litter garbage cans. As manufacturers we can adapt to the needs of our customers. We have a wide range of urban furniture products, among which we can highlight the urban litter garbage cans, dog litter garbage cans, bag dispensers, garbage can covers and urban outdoor ashtrays. Outdoor furniture ideal for installation in public spaces, canine litter garbage cans with bag dispensers, container covers... ideal for outdoor installation, streets, parks...

Our products

We offer a wide variety of street furniture products, including urban litter garbage cans, outdoor ashtrays and garbage can liners. We are committed to designing and producing durable and aesthetically appealing products that meet each customer's needs and fit into the urban environment. Our urban litter garbage cans are designed to withstand constant use and adverse weather conditions, while enhancing the appearance of the surrounding space. Wide variety of styles and sizes, from large capacity outdoor litter garbage cans to more stylish and elegant designs. Outdoor ashtrays are strong and durable, with a variety of designs and styles that blend easily into different environments. We also offer garbage can covers that conceal and protect trash and recycling garbage cans, enhancing the appearance of the space and protecting the garbage cans from animals and weather.
urban outdoor litter garbage cans

Outdoor litter garbage cans ideal for installation in public spaces, streets, sidewalks, parks... Outdoor tipping litter garbage cans for installation in streets. Litter garbage can with lid, iron, tipping...

urban dog litter garbage cans

Outdoor dog litter garbage cans, with bag dispenser. Ideal for parks, pipicans... Canine litter garbage can for outdoor use. Recycling of canine excrements.

Outdoor bag dispensers ideal for installation in public spaces, lampposts, poles... Manufacturers of outdoor bag dispensers.

urban ashtrays

Experts in the manufacture and installation of urban ashtrays ideal for outdoor use. Outdoor ashtrays to install in the street next to our urban litter garbage cans.

outdoor container covers

Waste garbage can covers ideal for outdoors to maintain the outdoor space. Recycling garbage cans to install and maintain the outdoor space.

manufacturers and experts in urban litter garbage cans

Outdoor litter garbage can manufacturers

As a manufacturer of urban litter garbage cans, our commitment is to design and produce high quality and durable products. We specialize in creating customized solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client and the particularities of each urban space.

Our litter garbage cans are made of strong and durable materials, able to withstand extreme weather conditions and constant use. In addition, our focus on innovation and design allows us to offer aesthetically appealing and functional products that blend seamlessly into their surroundings and enhance the appearance of the city.

We offer a wide range of color, shape and size options, allowing our customers to select the solution that best suits their needs and budget. In addition, as a manufacturer, we can customize our products with specific logos or designs, allowing our customers to convey brand messages or important information to the community.

We manufacture and distribute outdoor litter garbage cans for all Spain, canine litter garbage cans, urban litter garbage cans, bag dispensers...

Urban litter garbage cans

We manufacture outdoor urban iron litter garbage cans, a popular choice for waste disposal in urban and public environments. They are made of iron or steel, which makes them very resistant and durable. In addition, iron is a material that can be worked into a wide variety of shapes, which allows for great flexibility in the design of these garbage cans. These iron litter garbage cans often have a sturdy and elegant design, making them an attractive addition to any urban environment. In addition, many models have additional features, such as compartments for waste separation, secure opening and closing systems, and retention systems to prevent litter scattering. 

We have types of outdoor litter garbage cans with bag dispenser, as they are a practical and convenient solution for keeping streets and parks clean. These litter garbage cans are designed to contain waste and at the same time provide bags for the collection of pet excrement or other waste. In addition, these garbage cans can help foster greater environmental awareness among citizens by promoting proper waste collection and disposal. By making it easier and more accessible to collect and dispose of waste, pollution of the streets and surrounding nature can be avoided.

Outdoor litter garbage cans with bag dispensers are available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit the needs and budgets of different municipalities and communities. It is important to select a durable, weather-resistant model to ensure long-term performance.

Outdoor container covers

Garbage can covers are an effective solution for concealing and protecting garbage and recycling containers in public or private spaces. These covers are designed to improve the aesthetics of the containers, hiding their unattractive appearance, as well as protecting them from adverse weather conditions and wild animals. Garbage can covers are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal or plastic, making them durable and weather resistant. In addition, many cover models are designed with adequate ventilation to prevent the buildup of unpleasant odors.

Container covers are also customizable and can be adapted to different container sizes and shapes, and to the aesthetics of the surrounding space. Some designs also offer a front or rear door for easy access to the containers.

Experts in the manufacture and installation of litter garbage cans, outdoor urban litter garbage cans, street litter garbage cans with lid, tipping litter garbage cans... We adapt to the needs of our customers to manufacture outdoor metal tipping litter garbage cans. We manufacture and design litter garbage cans for any place in Spain. Litter garbage cans barcelona, madrid, valencia... Within our wide range of litter garbage cans you can find litter garbage cans resistant to sudden temperature changes, UV rays...

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